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Lead Coach

Hannah Murray

NHS Mental Health professional with over 10+ years experience supporting the community with their Mental Health & mindset.

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The path to positivity

With an extensive career within NHS Mental Health services, my drive and passion is to help. I want to support you move forward positively. Together, we work to dive deep and explore your mindset; unleashing true vibrancy and creating a sense of calm. Coaching change lives for the better.

 As an experienced coach, the mission is to aid clients to take back control and find their positive mindset. Coaching sessions are tailored to each individuals need. Sessions build a sense of empowerment, which allows each client to gain an understanding of themselves, increase awareness of their emotions & triggers. Despite living in an increasingly high pressured world, every one of us should have access to the tools that support us to become focused with confidence and less mind stress. 

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Work with me to uncover your potential

All coaching sessions, check-ins and workshops are tailored to each clients need.

These are delivered in the best interest of each and every client. 

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Move forward with a positive mindset

Whether you're looking to increase wellness, build your self-confidence or reduce stress; 1:1 Coaching dives deep into you as an individual. Supporting a number of life struggles, such as; Anxiety, low mood, loss of identity, overthinking, stress etc

You'll gain understanding for the elements of your life which contribute to a feeling of overwhelm, including- mind drama, triggers, trauma etc whilst building strategies in the direction of positive change. Mindset is everything. 

Start working towards a life you can be proud of.


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Supporting each other effectively

Workshops are tailored to each client & corporate environment. Together we will identify the need & desired outcome for the session. Workshops can explore multiple topics, such as; stress, negativity in the workplace, conflict, self confidence, positive mindset, behavioral awareness, effective communication, how to recognise the sign of struggle etc 


Workshops aim to deep dive into Mental Health & raise awareness around it's presentation in the workplace and society. I'll share techniques & strategies to enable others to feel supported, more in control & ultimately, have more awareness of Mental Health as a whole. We can look at how mindfulness can have a positive impact in the workplace and how increasing Mental Health awareness can aid in  increasing performance for employees.


It is important that employers support individuals and their wellbeing, especially in stressful working environments. This is to make sure employees are empowered to have difficult conversations, supported to express themselves freely and boost workplace positivity.

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